The new miCal Help

Create a new event

You can create a new event by using the "+"-button in the navigation bar. By default the natural language input is enabled. You can disable this in the options.

Create events faster

You can set default durations, a default title and default reminders in the options. These predefined values will be used when you create new events. Additionally you can set reminders for full day events.

View events

You can switch between singular days, weeks, months or years by swiping with your finger.

It's possible to switch in a lower layer by a long tap into an empty space in every view (except the daily one).

miCal is very flexible. You can rotate each screen from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa.

Hint: After tapping the title bar a quick navigation for jumping to a specific date or week will show up. The preselected date is set to today.

Handle events

You're able to add a location to both new and existent events. You can type in the name of the place and/or add a GPS-coordinate to it.

To do this, tap on the pin in the field "location" and choose a map region. As long as the location is valid and recognized by Apple Maps, the travel time will be calculated.

Hint: You can set your own location for caluclating the travel time in the options. By default this location is your current location.

Moreover, you're able to assign multiple reminders to every event. To do that, click on "Add reminder"..


miCal is based on the official iPhone calen- dar app. That means, that every other calendar (inclu- ding Exchange, Google Calendar etc.), which is imported by synchronizing your iPhone with iTunes, is displayed in miCal with the right color.

You can change the individual color for each calendar in the options under "Select calendars to display" and also choose which calendars should be displayed in miCal.

Inviting attendees

You're able to invite other attendees to an event in the detail view by sending an ICS file.

The one you invited to an event can import that event - either in miCal or a client with ICS import capabilities like Outlook, iCal


miCal displays the birthdays of your contacts for the next 7 days. You can call, send a sms or email them on their date of birth. Click on birthdays in the menu and get a full list of all your contacts' birthdays. Enable and disable reminders for them.

Additionally, you can manually add birthdays to your contacts at the birthday list.

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